The English-Speaking Union – Romania was registered in 1996 as a Romanian non- governmental and non-profit organization and in 1997 it was officially launched as a Branch of the ESU International Organisation. It operates as an active and non-political, independent association, being fully affiliated to the ESU International organization based in London.

The ESU is an educational charity and a membership organisation. It believes that education forms the strongest links among people by promoting a message of international understanding and human achievement through the widening use of the English language throughout the world.

The ESU was founded in 1918 by the writer and journalist Sir Evelyn Wrench to foster good relations between Britain and the USA, but was later increasing its area of activity to the Commonwealth and it operates at present on a worldwide scale. There are some 60 000 members in over 50 countries around the world and the membership is still growing. The voluntary support of members is vital to the success of the organisation’s goals.


National Public Speaking Competition

The National Public Speaking Competition in English is the flagship programme of the ESU Romania and the oldest and most prestigious public speaking competition in the country.


Junior Public Speaking Competition

Aimed at kids aged 8 to 11 from Bucharest.


Sponsors and partners

The organizations that support our aim to provide young people with the skills to thrive.